GTA New Home Sales by Municipality & Type

Using a visualization of RealNet’s new home sales data in the GTA we can quickly compare year over year changes in both the number of sales, and the split between high rise and low rise sales, for a given municipality. We can also explore the relative differences among all municipalities.

The size of each circle equates to total yearly sales by municipality. Remember, the 2011 circles are only represent the sales for the first 9 months of the year. The colour shows the split between high rise and low rise sales. High rise projects are those that include apartment, loft or stacked townhouse product types. Low rise projects are those that include detached, semi-detached, link, or row townhouse product types.

As for scale, the biggest circle on the chart is for Toronto in 2007. That circle represents 10,537 sales. All other circles are of relative size down to zero sales for which no circle is shown.

A couple of the things that stood out for me.

Many municipalities have a record market share of high rise sales so far this year as compared to previous years:

Markham: 52% high rise this year

Vaughan: 47% high rise this year

Mississauga: 76% high rise this year

Oakville: 72% high rise this year

Etobicoke: 100% high rise this year

Also, large green circles of the early 2000’s are being replaced by much smaller green circles with much larger slices of them turning orange. Especially in the 905 area code regions.

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