GTA Condo Pipeline

We’re always trying to provide perspective with our data deliveries here at RealNet so here’s a different overview of the GTA condo market.

Each square is a condo project appearing in the month/year of its opening.

The size of the square represents the number of units in that project and the colour represents the current Construction Status.

Some numbers from the above chart:

  • the vast majority of the 411 projects which commenced sales prior to 2011 are now more than 70% sold out
  • all 78 projects that opened in 2006 have completed construction and only 13 projects have any units left to sell
  • the 133 projects that opened in 2011 are, on average, 76% sold out, with 93 projects having more than 70% of their units sold
  • of those 133 projects that opened in 2011, 8 have completed construction, 54 are under construction, and 71 having not commenced construction yet
  • in 2012 there have been 69 project openings, averaging 51% sold out, with 1 project having completed construction, 6 projects under construction, and 62 in pre-construction
  • of those 69 project openings in 2012, 15 are more than 70% sold and 34 are greater than 50% sold
  • please note the above chart and associated numbers do not include 59 “cancelled” or 3 long term “temporarily closed” projects since 2006 as in many instances these projects have been re-launched or sold to other builders and re-launched

Let me know what you think of the chart.

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