RealInfo Mapping Upgrade!

I’ve been playing around with the soon to be released (October 1) enhanced mapping upgrade on our RealInfo subscription information service. It’s fantastic!

For example here is a screenshot of a map showing the high level view of the 77 new high rise project openings so far this year. The icons with numbers on them represent multiple sites too close to display separately at the current zoom level but are still viewable in summary form by clicking on the icon or  they appear as individual sites as you zoom in.

The combination of filtering search results right on the map, as well as radius, polygon and polyline searches is proving really useful to me. Not to mention looking at residential land deals and new projects together….

If you are not a subscriber to RealInfo but would like to have a look, the person at RealNet to contact is Jason Lo (  or 416-596-7676 x250 ).

If you are a subscriber and want to know how to solve problems and make decisions with it feel free to contact me and we can discuss ( ). It’s both powerful and easy to use.


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