GTA New Home Sales – Q3 & YTD 2012

Here are the rest of the GTA new home numbers that are available now that we have our September monthly numbers.

Q3 2012

High Rise: 3,165 sales; down -50% from Q3 2011; down -20% from  Q3 2010

Low Rise: 2,574 sales; down -35% from Q3 2011; down -8% from Q3 2010

Total New Homes: 5,739 sales; down -44% from Q3 2011; down -15% from Q3 2010

As illustrated in the above chart it was the lowest Q3 of the last 13 years for Total New Home sales.

And now Year-To-Date sales (Jan. through Sep.) for the GTA….

YTD 2012 (Jan. to Sep.):

High Rise: 14,569 sales; down -30% from YTD 2011; up +3% from YTD2010

Low Rise: 11,823 sales; down -13% from YTD2011; down -4% from YTD2010

Total New Homes: 26,392 sales; down -23% from YTD2011; and no change from YTD2010

So sales were way down in September and Q3 and YTD  2012 as compared to the same time periods in 2011. I’ll be back soon with a look at remaining inventory changes (going up), and new high rise supply changes (way down in Q3).

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