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Know Your Indicators

I just posted a new blog over at the site. Here’s the link to Know Your Indicators To watch for new blog posts you can also follow me at @RealNetNewHomes on Twitter.

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May 2013 – GTA New Home Sales

We’ve replaced this blog with another on our site however, currently there is no way to get automatic notifications of new blog posts. Until that happens I’ll post links here so that you continued to be notified of new … Continue reading

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Ramblings on Evaluating the Changing New Home Market

I spend my days preparing a multitude of charts and graphs which present the GTA new home market in a wide variety of ways. As I’m curious about these things, I attempt to discern meaning from each chart and what … Continue reading

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September Is Not The Same As October (or November)…

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about the Bank of Canada’s recent Financial System Review, particularly the section pertaining to the Toronto condo market. I’d like to confirm that the Bank of Canada is a client … Continue reading

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Starts … Not What They Used to Be

And I don’t mean the specific number of Starts, but the indicator in general. In the GTA we have gone from a new homes market comprised primarily of Low Rise product types (detached, semi-detached, row townhouse) to one that now … Continue reading

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RealInfo Mapping Upgrade!

I’ve been playing around with the soon to be released (October 1) enhanced mapping upgrade on our RealInfo subscription information service. It’s fantastic! For example here is a screenshot of a map showing the high level view of the 77 … Continue reading

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Market Knowledge, Data, & You

Market Knowledge, Data, & You Why do you need “market knowledge”? Well, market knowledge helps you make better decisions. And why do you want to make better decisions? Well, because any land development and home building project is just a … Continue reading

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